Physical Activity
& Wellness Guide
Ensure your best performance and progress by taking into account your physical, emotional and mental states.
Get on your path
to a fit & healthier life

Build your training plan combining running, walking, and breathing exercises based on your goals and experience.

Every workout takes you a step closer to success.

Developing your body awareness while decreasing anxiety levels.
Journaling is the cornerstone
Provide PAWEN real feedback about your physical and emotional state before and after every workout.

Back to them each time you want to reflect on your results.
Manage your schedule and rebuild the path
Pick alternative workouts if something is not optimal that particular day.

Decide what you want to do next and can still keep moving towards your goal without regrets or remorses.
Sync data with trending apps
Connect PAWEN with your current fitness trackers and apps to take into account your running and training data.

We smoothly sync with Strava.
More options coming soon.

Daily Insights
We’ll provide real useful hints about workouts, daily routine and training processes, to reach your goals even faster.
PAWEN Stories
First-year runner, training for her first 5k
I never actually ran because I thought I had to do like 30 minutes. Thanks to PAWEN, I took small but constant steps, it built my confidence and stamina to keep going!
Run for 3 years, mental health first, fitness second
PAWEN through its journaling made me realize I always feel better than before everytime I run. This created the motivation to keep going even on days I might not be in the mood. Thanks!!
The first step is the most important step
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